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winscp like program on linux?

I am looking for a GUI based program to transfer files between linux machines. The GUI is really useful if the filenames are tough to remember. Can some one tell me If there is any program like winscp available in debian testing? winscp is great on windows but does not work under linux.

I have tried gftp. It's great if both machines run ftp. But if the machines does not run ftp then it does not work.

I have also tried konqueror with the sftp:// protocol. It works great except that I have to open two konqueror windows each time I want to transfer a directory etc.,

I am also aware of utilities like scp, ftp, ssh; But these are console based utilities.

I tried groups.google.com and found the following thread discussing the same issue, but it does not provide any solution.

thanks for any ideas

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