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Re: weather reporting program in debian

On Wed, Mar 24, 2004 at 04:53:35PM -0500, Lorenzo Prince wrote:
> Thus spake Kevin Mark:
> # So, why do you want to install a program that is already available as a
> # debian package?
> # If you can provide a reasonable answer, then install it.
> The weather program is a demo stript that gives an example of how to use expect.
> In Red Hat and Fedora, this example program is either placed or linked in
> /usr/bin.  Careful examination of my system which has expect installed shows
> thatthe weather script as well as all other expect example scripts are located
> in the more appropriate /usr/share/doc/expect/examples directory where they can
> more easily be found.  If you want to use the weather script, there is no need
> to install an alien package.  Simply
> ln -s /usr/share/DOC/expect/examples/weather /usr/bin
> Sorry for the late reply on this one, but it actually took me this long to find
> the relevant info. ;-)
> HTH,
Hi The-$USER-Formaly-Know-as-Prince,
Thanks for the detailed info. So, you 'weather' program was actaully a
script that uses 'expect'. In that case, you just-run-it. So you dont
need to get a 'fedora' expect package. You just install debian 'expect'
and run it.

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