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burning CDs, or, Ah, now ESR's rant makes sense . . .

Now Eric S. Raymond's rant about the (un)usability issues in Linux (http://www.catb.org/~esr/writings/luxury-part-deux.html) makes sense . . . .

I'm trying to get my CD burner to work.

First I tried working with ide-scsi emulation, but after some corrections in a previous thread, I've given up on that.

However, I can't figure out xcdroast or cdrecord without spending hours studying and/or burning a coaster or two in experimentation, and eroaster refuses to recognize my CD-RW.

I've used eroaster before (and it wasn't intuitive; I wasted a few blanks on that program before figuring out how to burn an .ISO _image_ instead of the .ISO _file_), so that's what I'm leaning towards. But I've been unable to get it to find the burner/reader (I'm on sid, 2.6.x kernel).

I'd be thrilled if anyone could tell me how to get eroaster to see my burner, or alternatively, to point me to a relatively intuitive burner application.



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