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Re: mozill hangs due to realplayer 8

H. S. wrote:


I installed realplayer 8:
1) Downloaded rp8_linux20_libc6_i386_cs2_rpm
2) did "apt-get install realplayer"
3) it asked for the location of the _rpm file, which I specified
4) and it installed the realplayer

Then I tried listening to a realplayer music and the window that realplayer opened just hanged the whole mozilla and nothing happened; had to kill mozilla.

5) downloaded the rv9 codecs from:
http://realforum.real.com/cgi-bin/unixplayer/showthreaded.pl?Cat=&Board=announcements&Number=3128&page=0&view=collapsed&sb=5 6) followed the readme.txt file and copied the two files as it says. Though I didn't find "rv4.so.6.0" as is mentioned in it, but there was one "rv40.so.6.0", so I copied that. The files were copied to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins

Mozilla still hangs.

Any idea what I could be doing wrong?


It sounds like a sound problem.
If you are running esd or arts and realplayer tries to use oss you can get problems like this.
Or opposite.
Try to configure relaplayer to use the same as the system otherwise.

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