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Running kernel 2.4.25 in woody stable

I'm running debian woody with kernel 2.4.25 that I downloaded from kernel.org and built with make-dpkg and I just noticed that I have compatibility problems with ifconfig in woody, specifically I can not add virtual interfaces. After googling around I get the impression that ifconfig needs to match the running kernel version to some extent. Can someone tell me what parts of woody I would need to update to use kernel 2.4.25? I would rather work with this kernel and not have to downgrade, reconfigure, recompile and reboot because the system is a dedicated remote server that I did a remote install of debian, and I'm very happy it rebooted in debian and now I don't want to take any chances with another kernel and have it not boot. I did do a search for backports for ifconfig but I came up with nothing. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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