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Re: more installation stuff

>2. I'm installation X-Window. I have two video ports, one is PCI S3ViRGE and 
the other is onboard Intel 82865G AGP. What's the X server driver for the 
Intel chip?
>I try out X-Window with the PCI controller. On boot-up, the screen goes blank 
and CTRL-ALT-F1 does not bring up the command-line screen. How now?

if You've installed and compiled a kernel by hand, it could be, You've 
accidentally removed vga-console-support. This would leave You without a 
picture on the box (after Loading Linux......................). 
Assume You have not, it might be, that the kernel detects Your onboard graphic 
adapter and switches controll there. You can disable this by going into the 
bios and changing "primary vga adapter" from "agp" to "pci". That should at 
least give You Your console back.
As of the onboard intel graphics in X, I heard rumors that's one of the most 
important improvements of Xfree 4.4.0. You might find Your adaptor therefore 
not working even in X 4.3, maybe working but doing so unstable. 
By the way, buying an AGP graphics card (assuming You want to get a "real" one 
instead of a shared one) might create additional trouble. At least with older 
Intel chipsets (as the 815) the disabled AGP onboard graphics card sometimes 
disturbed the signal of the offboard one, resulting in a flickering picture, 
You absolutely cannot work with (without getting headache).
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