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Re: Keeping unconnected systems updated


Kenneth Power (<kmpower@ardencompanies.com>) wrote:

> Note: I am not subscribed. If possible, CC to this address
> Recently I lost my home connection to the Internet, leaving my three
> SID machines stranded. At work I have access to an OK connection, and
> am allowed to use it for personal use after hours (hello, cron-apt). 
> There is one machine at work, a small test server, running Debian SID, 
> that performs nightly updates. What I want to do is use this machine 
> to download updates for my home machines, which I can burn to CDs and 
> take home.    

You could for example get the Packages files for the sources of your
home machines, place them in /var/lib/apt/lists. If the server and the
clients use the same sources, you could get the contents of 
/var/lib/apt/lists from the server and copy it to the clients. If you
still have the possibility to use some connection at home (even if it
is a slow one that is not usable for package downloads), you could
still use it to download the package list files. They are not that big.

Next you run apt-get update and apt-get --print-uris upgrade on the
clients. This will give you a list of files you need. Download them at
work, and copy the files to /var/cache/apt/archives on the clients. Run 
apt-get upgrade again. No new packages will be installed (except for
dependency reasons, if you use apt-get dist-upgrade).

> p.s. Apologies if Outlook sends garbage with this message. Work
> prescribed software and all that.

If you can, get the OE quote fix:

> [bla bla]

Maybe you could do something against this disclaimer. It's really

best regards
        Andreas Janssen

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