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Re: Praise of KDE3.2 and Sid's X

Yup, much better than Microsoft. More errors and broken thing with each rare 
new upgrade from Redmond. Even unstable Debian works better.

How did you like the new KDE3.2 menu trees? I liked the old ones 
better--simpler with fewer multiple who-know-where references. A lot of work 
to move things back and that for each login.

I still have no DRI but not the fault of SID. Mach64 still problematic.

However, I have a lot of problems with the latest X from SID, programs 
aborting the X-session. No idea how to fix it.

On Tuesday 09 March 2004 23:02, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> I just did a dist-upgrade on my Sid box and got a new version of X and KDE.
> KDE looks sharp and crisp, and how long has it been possible to make the
> Taskbar transparent? I like it. And it seems much snappier. There's a
> new calendar applet on the taskbar I've not noticed before (although I
> still haven't been able to get the alarm to work). I'm very impressed.
> And with the new X, my i810 driver finally works on my 82865G chip! Yea!!
> And even more exciting, DRI now works! Woot!
> Ah-h. In the world of Debian, upgrades just make things better. So much
> better than those upgrades in the world of Microsoft. So much better.

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