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Re: SATA Debian support

Hamid wrote:
I am running Debian on a SATA hard disk (my motherboard has ICH5 and SiI3112 chipset) Right now I am using the SiI3112 but in order to do that I had to install Debian testing
because Woody intaller did not have the support.
I should say that the performance of my SATA under Linux is inferior to that of normal ATA and the data rate I get from my SATA is very lousy comparing to ATA. I read somewhere that this is going to get fixed in future versions of the SATA driver !

I thought these are about to be expected (DMA on hd* disks, the sda disk is SATA, the hd* are IDE)), do you get different speed on SATA drives? I have intel D865PERL (ICH5).
My SATA is configured as /dev/hde, and I do get different speeds on different drives since
they have manufactured in different years (technologies).

jojda:/home/erik# hdparm -t /dev/sda1

  Timing buffered disk reads:  156 MB in  3.00 seconds =  52.00 MB/sec
  Whenever I insert my USB flash drive it is configured as /dev/sda1
I think /dev/sda* are for SCSI disk drives ! unless your SATA drive is
simulated as a SCSI disk

   yes it is

btw scsi is used for pretty much any mass storage that is not IDE (usb, firewire, can be used for SATA, even used for IDE CD burners)

   anyway, my point was that SATA performs as expected on my system...


Can you tell me what you get for your data rate (MB/sec ?)


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