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Re: External DVD-burner

> I have an external DVD burner which is connected to ieee1394 port.
You have to have the following components compiled in Your kernel (or loaded 
as modules)
- ieee1394 support
- sbp2 support (firewire menu)
- ohci support (also firewire menu, I'm not sure, whether this is a must)
- scsi support
- scsi disk support (or maybe cdrom support? never worked with Firewire cds, 

When all these are ready, attaching the device should give You some output to 
dmesg, some two liner, telling You, a device is found.
If that happens, You have to manually tell the scsi driver to search for a new 
device (unless this is done by debian, I'm not quite sure about this). This 
can be done by
echo "scsi add-single-device 0 0 0 0" > /proc/scsi/scsi
assuming, You have no other SCSI Hostadapter in Your system.
If successful, You'll find some message in Your dmesg output, telling You the 
device was identified correctly. If not, You'll simply get no result.
try a different combination of these 0 0 0 0 then.
First number is (zero based) number of SCSI adapter in System
Second one is the channel on the SCSI adapter
Third is SCSI id
Fourth is LUN

Number two and four are almost always zero, first might be a different one if 
You had another SCSI adapter or a usb storage device, thrid might differ if 
You had more than one ieee1394 device.
Hope that helps,
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