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Re: Printing problems w/CUPS, HP 5550, WP8

Marc Shapiro wrote:
My old printer stopped working, AGAIN, so I decided that it was time for a new printer. After checking www.linuxprinting.org and looking to see what I could find available in my price range I found an HP Deskjet 5550.

I decided to take advantage of changing printers to also change from LPRng to CUPS. I installed cupsys, cupsys-client, cupsys-bsd, foomatic-bin, and xpp, as well as all of their dependancies.

The install went fine and I can print a text file with 'lpr filename'. Openoffice also seems to print OK. For WP8, however, I have to setup each printer in WordPerfect. WP8 is old enough that there is no option for a DJ 5550. I plan on using OpenOffice for most of my word processing, but I occaisionally get a file in WordPerfect format and OpenOffice does not have an import filter for it, so I have to fall back on my WP8. How do I get it to recognize my new printer?

For WP8 to use cups printers you will have to make a printcap file in /etc. What I did was setup the printer in cups and verified it worked. Then I made a link (in konqueror I just copied the printcap.cups file back into /etc and made it a link) from printcap.cups and named it printcap. This is becuase WP was made before cups came out and looks for the printcap file.

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