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Re: chroot ssh logins

Christopher Davis wrote:
I'm not sure how that vould work with chroot.  But,
setting up a user-mode-linux install would provide
similar functionality, with the added bonus that it
appears a totally seperate host to the outside world.
You can then either have ports 20 and 21 forwarded
from your real host to the UML host, or you can give
the uml host its own IP on your network.


That's a great idea.  Can apache read documents inside a UML
or would I need to install apache inside the UML as well?

I am running a server with multiple websites, now I am
opening it up to a few external clients.  I want them to be
able to modify their site w/o being able to move above their
home directory so they are not able to view other sites
hosted from the servers.  Only remote access to the servers
is through ssh2.

Thanks again!
Christopher Davis

Probably not.  TTBOMK, UML installs use a large file
on the host and build a file system inside it (treating
it like a standard black device).  If there were a way
to use a specified part of the directory tree for your
UML install (like for a chroot), then yes.  Apache is
capable of following symlinks anywhere on the file system,
as long as it has permission to read the files.


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