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Re: exim "Frozen" messages?

On 2004-03-03, Rick Pasotto penned:
> On Wed, Mar 03, 2004 at 10:14:15AM -0500, stan wrote:
>> I've got a smail mailserver using Debain and exim. I noticed that
>> some messages have stoped getting through. Looking in
>> /var/log/exim/mailog, I see lot's of entries about messages being
>> "frozen". What does this mean? 
>> And how can I further troubleshoot teh problem?
> I think they'll eventually be purged but you can also do it yourself.
> Run 'mailq' to get a list of them and then 'exim -Mrm <id>' to get rid
> of them.

But this doesn't explain *why* they were frozen ...


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