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Re: exim HELO=fully qualified host name?

On 2004-03-02 12:48:47 -0500, Derrick 'dman' Hudson wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 04:31:22PM +0100, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> | Before exim was fixed in Debian, several messages I'd sent were
> | rejected by some SMTP server.
> When the rejects happeend you became aware of the issue and you fixed
> it :-).  A problem is never solved before the problem is recognized.

But most servers won't reject messages due to an invalid HELO argument,
so that the user may think that this is correct on his side. If all
the servers did the same thing, there would be no problems. Now, as
the HELO argument is completely useless (at least nowadays), I don't
think servers will tend to be stricter.

> I agree - some providers suck.  Find a different provider.  Note that
> it is possible to use a different email provider without changing ISP.

I don't want to change ISP (as the only problem is this e-mail one).
Instead of using a different e-mail provider, I prefer not to use a

> Note also that handling the mail yourself is one way of finding a
> different provider, although that (naturally) shifts more
> administrative work to your plate.

If you mean here "not to use a smarthost", there isn't more
administrative work, just a configuration option to change
for Exim (and I still retrieve mail with getmail).

> | For instance, I've just seen in my mail that a friend of mine is
> | using Apple Mail, which isn't RFC 2821 compliant. Forte Agent, used
> | by some of my family, doesn't provide a FQDN (no dot in the HELO
> | argument).  Ditto for Microsoft Outlook (from a message received in
> | some mailing-list).
> Ah, this is a subtly different issue.  The subtle difference is these
> programs are all User Agents, not MTAs.

Of course, but don't those MUAs include their own MTA? If not, then
this would be a problem with MSWindows' own MTA (if any) or something
like that.

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