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onshore-timesheet: no connection to the server... clues, please?


I have overcome all the previous hurdles, but this one has me stumped.
In the left frame, it says the following:

Sorry, I cannot complete your request:
o Cannot connect to backend: localhost:5432:timesheet:
  no connection to the server
If you feel this is a bug, please report it.

First thing I did was to try to subscribe to the onshore-timesheet ML,
but it no longer exists.

I have postgresql working fine with bookmarker, so I know the postmaster
is running, and is accepting connections on the TCP port.  The error is
NOT what the onshore manual gives as a symptom of a user id/permission
problem.  And there are no error messages anywhere. The apache logs
note the access (no errors), but no other log file in /var/log is
modified at all.

Still the only thing that I can think of it might be is a user problem.
I have added (with psql timesheet) user admin and guest but that doesn't
make any difference.  It looks like onshore-timesheet comes back with
the error before even attempting to communicate with postgresql.
I have bookmarker working fine with with the following pg_hba.conf:

local        all					 ident sameuser
host         all         password
host         all           reject

Could this be the problem?  I'd rather not change something that will
break bookmarker...

Is anyone else running onshore-timesheet? (I'm trying to run 2.3-3 that
comes with 3.0r2)

Can anyone give me some hint before I start digging into the code?
Well, even if I did it might not be an onshore-timesheet problem...



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