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Re: qmail anti-virus

Rick Weinbender wrote:

> Can anyone recommend a good open source (email)
> anti-virus solution for Qmail running on Debian Stable.
> Or even a reasonably priced commercial solution
> if it is good.

> *
> I see M$ has bought out RAV-anti-virus.
> I've been looking at Clam anti-virus

The clamav is not a bad solution (although I wouldn't recommend it to a
company). I don't think my home server let any viruses through, but then I
don't work on windows so it could be that one has passed and I didn't
notice. they have woody debs on their site, but you'll have to install
qmail-scanner from source (get it from "http://www.qmail.org";).

If you want a commercial one then kaspersky has a package for debian with
qmail (although their package have some bugs. if I remember correctly you
have to check the owner of /usr/sbin/qmail-que* and make sure they're not
owned by root, also you have to write a script to start their service).

> Thanks,
> -Rick


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