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Re: Mplayer won't "make" during install

Benjamin Sher wrote:
Dear Roberto:

Thanks so much for writing. I had no problem before (in my earlier installation) with "make". None at all. I tried your fakeroot method. I was able to build "mplayer" but there lots of errors and warnings. So, I am reluctant to actually install it.

May I please ask what the error message "make: nothing to be done for "all" means (in a sentence).

Thank you so much.


Basically, it means that all the target files are already up
to date.  I.e., if your source file is print.c (with a time
stamp of 17:29) and your binary is a.out (with a time stamp
of 17:31) then make has nothing to do.  Only if the binary
file is older than the source (or does not exist) does make
(re)build it.


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