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initrd and ATA raid

I've a big problem with my fresh installed woody with 2.4.18 kernel:
my disks are configured in raid with an external pci card, an Ite 8212F for which i have the sources for compile modules. In the first installation I've used this modules (compiled with another machine at my office) loaded with a floppy disk (I've put this modules in /boot on this floppy) and all went fine. I've now an initrd image with this module that can mount my real root at startup. Now I'd like to recopile the kernel because I need a patch for my ethernet card and modules for my nforce (nvidia) chipset and modules for my Agp card GeForce4...the problem here is that I cannot build a valid initrd image. Tried to make a custom script under /etc/mkinitrd/scripts/ for copy my third party module for ata raid in the initrd image and this is fine (I have the module in initrd image under lib/modules/ and I've added iteraid under /etc/mkinitrd/modules so i can find it also in my initrd. Updated my lilo.conf with initrd=/initrd.img which is a symlink to /boot/initrd.img- but when I try to reboot with new kernel I have a kernel panic: VFS cannot mount root on 08:06 wich is my real root on ata raid (/dev/sda6). I can boot this initrd if I add devfs support(experimental) to the kernel and I install devfsd in my system which is not a good thing I suppose...
How can I fix things without devfsd?

Thank you

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