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Re: what does xlibmesa-dri provide?

I believe that the FGLRX replaces/conflict with xlib-mesa. For this reason, I 
have not tried it. I have a Mach64 ATI card for which I have not been 
successful in compiling and running OpenGL with hardware acceleration.

Also, the current XFree4.3.02 from SID is not so great :-(

On Tuesday 02 March 2004 08:41, debian-user-digest-request@lists.debian.org 
> I'm running XFree 4.3 from SID with the FGLRX drivers from ATI.
> My OpenGL is working *very* well.  Obviously a non-tainted kernel would
> be preferable, but framerate is God.
> Would xlibmesa-dri provide (1) additional, (2) alternate, or (3)
> orthogonal functionality?
> Is it the open source "OpenGL-enabler" I've heard about?

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