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Re: wireless bridge, & nic IP addressing

"Rodney D. Myers" <rdmyers@pe.net> writes:
> I just got my wireless internet this morning, and have run into a
> small problem.
> The wireless bridge, attached to my nic has been assigned a static IP
> (for the time being), and to get my nic (eth0) to find it, it was also
> assigned an IP address in my ISP's range. Not a good thing.

Assuming you haven't already solved your problem...

This is one of those cases where people can easily talk right past
each other.  

Most things marketted as "wireless bridges" aren't bridges at all.
However, I gather from your email address that you're talking about a
Skyriver connection, so they might very well give you a box with a
10BaseT connection that for all intents and purposes is a dumb bridge.

But if this is the case, I have no idea what you mean when you say the
wireless bridge "has been assigned a static IP (for the time being)".
Who assigned it this IP address?  You, through a configuration screen
of some kind?  Or were you just told that a static IP address had been
assigned and assumed they were talking about the "bridge"?

If the latter, then the other response you got was correct.  Your
bridge doesn't have an IP address at all (or at least not one that
should concern you).  Instead, you want to assign the static address
that you thought was assigned to the bridge (namely, from your
other message) to "eth0" on your Linux firewall and have that firewall
do NAT for the home network connected to "eth1".  Therefore,

        ifconfig eth0 netmask broadcast up
        route add default gw

should give the desired result *IF* your netmask really is  But, of course, use the static IP address, netmask,
broadcast, and gateway addresses you were actually assigned.

Kevin <buhr@telus.net>

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