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Re: Fetchmail Query

On Sun, 29 Feb 2004 15:37:52 +0100
Oliver Fuchs <oliverfuchs@onlinehome.de> wrote:

> On Sun, 29 Feb 2004, Peter A. Cole wrote:
> > Hi again Oliver,
> > 
> > I've added the first part you suggested above and double checked the readme file to ensure my syntax was correct, but it's still leaving the message in my mailbox at the ISP with the same NDR message.
> 1) Did you recreate the sendmail.cf file with e.g. sendmailconfig.
> > Do I also have to add the second item you suggested? It seems unrelated to me...
> 2) No I only have the feature added to my sendmail.mc.
> 3) In my .fetchmailrc I have at the beginning this options:
> [...]
> set bouncemail
> set spambounce
> set properties ""
> [...]
> Good luck
> Oliver
> -- 

Hi again Oliver,

Just a further note on this one...

The C{ResOK}TEMP line only works for tempfail (451) domain resolution, not permanent ones. To allow permanent failed domain resolution to come through, the setting is this:


I still couldn't get that message that was failing, and another one arrived as well, so I looked further using your tip (C{ResOK}TEMP) in my search, and got directed to the sendmail cf README at sendmail.org, and just above what you suggested is the line above for permanent errors.

After adding this, both messages were delivered and consequently directed to my spamdrop by mimedefang.

It seems we both missed the answer in the README file  :-)

Thanks again for your help,


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