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Re: Hardware clock, and getting it set to UTC?

* Derrick 'dman' Hudson (dman@dman13.dyndns.org) [040301 12:15]:
> BTW, it's "fun" to set the hardware clock to UTC on a dual-boot
> Debian-Windows system.  Windows doesn't "get it" and thus displays UTC
> as if it was EST.  Just remember never to set the clock to local time
> while Windows is running, or then Debian will have an incorrect notion
> of what the current UTC time is.

At an old consulting job, I had to keep a windows partition around for
crappy time-reporting software.  I just told windows my local time zone
was UTC, and this worked pretty well.  Of course, the clock showed UTC,
but at least any mail I sent from there didn't claim to be from 8 hours
in the future any more.  

good times,
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