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Re: Hardware clock, and getting it set to UTC?

On Mon, Mar 01, 2004 at 01:52:30PM -0500, stan wrote:
| I'm building a MythTV machine from KnoppMYTH. Somehow I have wound up with
| the machine knowing what time zone I live in EST, but the hardware clock
| also being set to the current time in this timezone, rather than being set
| to UTC.
| How can I correct this?

To actually set the hardware clock you have two options :
    1)  enter the BIOS config as you boot and set it there.  Note that
            the BIOS displays the actual time stored with no concept
            of timezones.  That means add the proper offset after
            looking at your watch before entering the number.
    2)  run 'hwclock' and specify the necessary options (--utc, IIRC)

Additionally you need to tell your system that the clock stores UTC
(because it doesn't store a timezone flag).  That is specified in
/etc/default/rcS, as you have now noticed.

Note that you can change the flag in /etc/default/rcS without changing
the clock itself, but that will give you a (predictable) erroneous
display of the current local time.

BTW, it's "fun" to set the hardware clock to UTC on a dual-boot
Debian-Windows system.  Windows doesn't "get it" and thus displays UTC
as if it was EST.  Just remember never to set the clock to local time
while Windows is running, or then Debian will have an incorrect notion
of what the current UTC time is.


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