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Re: Nasty NFS errors

Kevin Boergens wrote:


I'm having trouble at a desktop PC running woody. It mounts /home via NFS from a server running woody,too, but with a 2.6.1 homemade kernel.
I use the 2.4.18-bf2.4 kernel.

Unfortunately, NFS does not work properly.

Jan 31 18:40:01 pceva kernel: nfs_notify_change: revalidate failed, error=-116

I also get the message "Stale NFS handle" very often.
I booted this system on different hardware, or with a homemade 2.6.1 kernel, nothing changed.

The problem is that this is the first client to connect heavily to server, so maybe it could also be the servers fault.

Any help much appreciated,

Hello Kevin:

I think you know that 2.6 is not ready yet. Use a stable kernel. At the moment, 2.4.25 is a stable kernel version. I hope your not using 2.6 in a production environment. If your just testing, keep up the good work. The Linux community will be nothing without guys like you.

Thank You
Ezra Taylor

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