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Re: mozilla freezes on geocities.com?

On 02/29/04 19:30, Erik Steffl wrote:
> s. keeling wrote:
>> Incoming from Erik Steffl:
>>>  mozilla seems to be working fairly well but when I went to
>>> geocities.com it repeatedly froze - the CPU usage went to 100% and
>>> mozilla windows were not updated at all, X window close didn't work,
>>> kill -15 worked.
>> You're obviously mistaken.  I see nothing like that here.
>> geocities.com lands me at geocities.yahoo.com with no problem.
>> However, you said nothing about details in your post.  Which mozilla,
>> which debian distribution, how are you connecting, ...
>   oops, it does not freeze right away, it freezes after few minutes (5 -
> 10) of use of geocities.com (building a page etc.). It seems to freeze
> forever (forever = few hours, I killed it then)
>   debian unstable
>   mozilla-browser 1.6-1
>   there are bugs (185582 against 1.3-2, 186817 against 1.3-4 and 1.5-3)
> filed that seem similar but it's hard to tell and there's no solution
> proposed...
>     erik

Maybe a Shockwave Flash ad is being fetched on a page? I had to disable my Flash plug-in to stop that very problem.

Flash bug reports about this... take your pick:

mozilla-firebird dies when accessing some sites

mozilla: Mozilla crashes on some websites when I install flash

Mozilla's process dies when visiting this webpage.

[meta] flash crash bugs with linux

[META] Macromedia flash player known problems which hard or impossible to fix in mozilla code

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