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Strange things happening to Gnome


I'm experienceing, well, strange things. Menu buttons disappear and are
replaced with tiny dots (but not all buttons, merely some of them). Will
this looks somewhat strange, it doesn't really decreas usability, so I
didn't care.

But as of today, the clock has disappereared from the panel. It's place
is now occupied by the volume control. Removing the volume control
works, but I can't get the clock back. "Add to panel -> accessories ->
clock" has no observable results.
I'd try to start it from a shell if I knew the command.

I'm running a Gnome2.2 backport on Woody, and I'm not aware of any
actions on my part that could have caused this. The last update was made
several days ago, I don't know if it had something to do with the Gnome
backport at all.

What's happening? And how do I get the clock back?


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