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Re: sms-gateway

> > Ross Tsolakidiswrote:
> Hi all,
> > I'm looking for a way to send the subject of an email via SMS.
> > Is this possible with any packages thru Debian ?
> >
> > Can anyone direct me to any information about SMS > Email ?
> >
> > Do I require a Mobile Phone company to be part of this process ?

Here's something I did recently.
I wanted to send messages via SDS (I work at a TETRA Telco, SDS is for TETRA 
what SMS is for GSM). I let people sent mail to robot@nncc.astrid with a 
subject like: [mail2sds] 1245678

I've set up a mailbox on my server, and use a procmail rule to filter messages 
that have a subject that starts with [mail2sds]. I pass those messaged to a 
script that pulls the number from the subject line and stores the body.
It passes those to an expect script that 'talks' to a radio that is connected 
on the COM port. Using AT commands, it sends an SDS message.
It's a standalone setup (no mobile company needed, no gateway needed).

For SMS, you may have a problem however:
1) You may not want to have a phone connected to the server all the time
2) I don't know if you can sent an SMS via AT commands on a GSM

However, you should be able to use a modem to connect to the SMS gateway of 
your mobile operator and talk to that. The only problem is figuring out what 
your modem should sent.

Not sure if this helps, but good luck anyway


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