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Re: sms-gateway

> Ross Tsolakidiswrote:
Hi all,
> I'm looking for a way to send the subject of an email via SMS.
> Is this possible with any packages thru Debian ?
> Can anyone direct me to any information about SMS > Email ?
> Do I require a Mobile Phone company to be part of this process ? 
> Use their gateway ?  Or can I do it all myself ?
> Thanks all !

I was looking for something similar (sending SMS via a linux tool),
the other day, as i want to have scripts to monitor my servers, and
text me a daily report, of number of HTTP requests handled, load avg
etc etc as well as text me as soon as any TCP ports become

To answer your questions....

telephone networks and the internet are seperate networks, (to an
extent), so sending an SMS requires you have a "Bridge" between these
2 networks, typically refered to as an "SMS-Gateway". Im not an
expert on SMS/telephone networks, someone else may be able to give a
more technical explaination on that subject if needed.

On the general subject of sending SMS...

Debian has a package called "linuxsms" which is a perl script that can
send SMS messages from the command line via an SMS gateway.


It was just be a case of "apt-get install linuxsms" to install it,
then editing a config file.. Before using i had to sign up to a free
SMS gateway as well (the package includes a list of ones that it can
work with ("linuxsms -server")).

Unfortunatly for me, im in the UK, so the range of providers available
to me was limited. I signed up with www.sms.ac but this did not work
in the end, as when sending with linuxsms, it just returning a
message along the lines of "failed, server changed method" IIRC.

Anyway.. there are about 11 providers on the list, covering a range of
countries (linuxsms -server will tell you what countries a server can

Only thing i would say to watch out for is (with sms.ac at least),
they offer you "x" number of free SMS's per day, BUT what i found
hidden in the small print is that this is a limited time offer, and i
presume they will bill your phone an extortionate rate after the
"offer" has expired, or if you exceed your free SMS allocation per
day. Also, they will send you "marketing" message to your phone (once
again, in the small print). You can of course unsubscribe from this,
but you forfit your free messages, which kind of defeats the object.

Remember that 
a) this is an unstable package
b) i only tried 1 sms gateway, this didnt work for me, but there a
more on the list.

I am now looking at using someone like http://www.sms2email.com/ to
send SMS, they have a range of ways of sending SMS's, including HTTP
POST, (with an over SSL option), and sending an email to a specified
address as well. However, the cost is about 10p per message, which is
definatly not the most cost effective :) linuxsms doesnt support
these sms2email.com, they do have a nice developer section here:
http://www.sms2email.com/site/developerinfo.php which has some sample
scripts that you could use with their service.

Finally, sending the email subject via SMS...
This will proberly involve writing a script to an email to get the
"Subject: " line, strip off the "Subject: " part, then call an
external application such as linuxsms with all the required

How exactly this is done depends on how you generally handle your
emails, and exactly what you are trying to do.

If you are looking for a "solution" (using the word loosly so as not
to sound like an clueless "IT Professional"), that sends you an SMS
with the subject of every new email sent to you (before it appears in
your "inbox"), then a script (php could do this), which would open a
connection to your POP server, and do LIST to get the list of emails,
then RETR 1 to get the first email, parse it for the subject line and
call linuxsms or perform a similar action as described above. If your
looking for something like this, RFC 1939 (
http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc1939.html ) should tell all you need
about the POP3 Protocol.

Not the easiest task in the world, but if you have any programming
knowledge of any language that handles sockets, then it certainly is

I've made a number of assumptions about what your actually looking
for, but i hope you can pull out some useful info from my waffle :)

all follow up questions onto the list please.


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