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Kent West wrote:
No. Boot up off your installer CD, go through the installation as far as mounting / and /usr, but DO NOT partition/initialize (skip those steps). Then shell out via Alt-F2. Run "chroot /target". Now you can edit /etc/lilo.conf to fix whatever problems it has, then run "lilo". "exit", Alt-F1 back to the installer, choose "Reboot system" and remove the installer CD. Hopefully you're now fixed. If not, provide more info (error messages, etc) (and please, don't top post).

And what if your root is on raid1? Woody's installer doesn't support that AFAIK, so I typically boot into knoppix and reconstruct my arrays manually (since they don't fscking build in the raid modules to be able to do auto-detection ARGH!) and re-run grub/lilo.

More recently, I've had to switch back to lilo since update-grub refuses to work if your / or /boot is on a raid1. :(


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