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Re: Postfix + fetchmail problem

On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 13:38, David Clymer wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-02-27 at 02:26, David Clymer wrote:
> > I've been an exim user for quite a while now, but recently decided to
> > fool with Postfix a bit. I'm also attempting to become a trial
> > fetchmail+mutt user.
> > 
> > So, I set up Postfix to relay mail through my remote mailserver
> > using smtp authentication, and set up fetchmail to grab my mail.
> > 
> > The problem is that when I invoke fetchmail, it downloads my mail,
> > but Postfix promptly attempts to relay it to the remote mail server
> > rather than delivering it to my local account.
> > 
> the fetchmail local delivery part is working now.
> > I've thus far been unable to figure out why this is happening. Mail
> > between local users is delivered locally, and I can send to remote
> > addresses without problems.
> > 
> Ok, it seems I was lieing about this. SMTP auth doesnt seem to be
> working after all. My original test was a stupid one.
> Looking at my logs, I see this:
> Feb 27 13:19:13 localhost postfix/master[5756]: warning: process
> /usr/lib/postfix/smtp pid 5885 exit status 1
> Feb 27 13:19:13 localhost postfix/master[5756]: warning:
> /usr/lib/postfix/smtp:bad command startup -- throttling
> Feb 27 13:20:13 localhost postfix/smtp[5898]: fatal: specify a password
> table via the `smtp_sasl_password_maps' configuration parameter
> As can be seen in my config below, I've specified the
> smtp_sasl_password_maps as /etc/postfix/sasl_passwd and provided the map
> as demonstrated in /usr/share/doc/postfix/examples/sample-smtpd.cf.gz
> I've changed the permissions of my sasl_passwd file to 600, but
> originally it was 644, and the problem was still occuring. My
> understanding is that postix starts as root reads all the "must read as
> root" files, then switches to a less priveliged user, so I dont think
> the permissions should be a problem
> I've poured over
> http://postfix.state-of-mind.de/patrick.koetter/smtpauth/smtp_auth_mailservers.html,
> and it seems I am doing everything the same...I'm stumped.
> Google mostly returns results in languages I only partially understand,
> and the solutions that others have found dont seem to apply in my case -
> they dont work for me, at least.

This problem has been solved by adhering to the ol' configuration rule
of thumb: "spell stuff right".

I had smtp_sasl_passwd_maps rather than smtp_sasl_password_maps.


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