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Re: Southbridge

On Fri 27 February 2004 01:54, Greg Folkert wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-02-26 at 13:58, Tom Badran wrote:
> > How can i find out (prefereably from software) which southbridge my
> > motherboard uses. lspci and lshw dont seem to have what i need, and
> > i cant find it anywhere on the net/in documentation.
> DO you know what Model/Brand it is? Is it Pentium/II/III/4/Celeron?
> Is it Athlon, AthlonXP? Come on... how are we gonna help?

Its a pentium4-M

> When you are booting during BIOS, try to get the BIOS String.
> Search using Google on that. Or search on the Model Number/Brand.

I have tried, however as it is a laptop its _really_ hard to find any 
detailed information, and the spec sheets from the manufacturer (i 
bought it from an oem, and they have no docs either) dont give that 



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