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Re: X-problems: What do these two apps have in common?

--- David Baron <d_baron@012.net.il> wrote:
> 1. Netbeans Java-IDE, after recent upgrade including
> XFree86, immediately 
> kicks out the session. One logs in again to a new X
> session. This is not the 
> same as control/alt/bksp since in the 2.6.2 kernels,
> the mouse needs be 
> exercised a bit before it starts working. A new
> session.
> (Note that OpenOffice does not have this problem.)
> 2. KDE KPackage, GUI front end for apt-get, etc.
> This program still has a bug 
> that when run as root, will not actively do anything
> and the work-around is 
> to run as another user--it then requests a root
> login and works fine. Now ...
> Run as root, aside from its bug, works 100%. No
> problem, simply go to a 
> console shell to do anything active.
> Run as other user, as soon as one starts browsing or
> tries to do anything, it 
> kicks out the session. Again, a brand new login to a
> brand new session.
> Run as a double-click on an associated .deb file,
> works without a hitch.
> Any ideas?

What's the message in your syslog? Is it:
"gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error -
:0" ?

If so, the problem could be similar to the one I
reported yesterday with subject "Fatal X error: how to
If it is the same problem then that narrows things
down a lot because we're using different kernels (mine
is 2.4.18-bf2.4). Does mplayer also kill your X

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