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Re: DVD copying and CSS

* Joel Konkle-Parker (jjk3@msstate.edu) [040221 19:00]:
> With the recent injunction granted against 321 Studios for their DVD X 
> Copy software for copying DVDs, I've been wondering something. Why is it 
> necessary to break CSS encryption to make a copy? Could you not make a 
> bit-for-bit copy of the DVD and have the contents still be encrypted on 
> the new medium? I mean, copying an mp3 file from one cd to another 
> doesn't require you to decode it first.

précisement.  This is why MPAA et al claiming that DeCSS is a piracy
tool is absoluteley ludicrous.  For some reason, they just don't want a
household like mine (one without a proprietary OS in it) to watch their
movies on our computers.  If they make it illegal for us to watch them,
why would we buy them?  It just doesn't add up.  ...But it probably does
add up for Congress.  Of course, in that case, what's adding up is the
Hollywood lobbyists' "donations" in their pockets...

good times,
If Haydn had patented "a symphony, characterised by that sound is produced
[ in extended sonata form ]", Mozart would have been in trouble.

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