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Re: laptop HW detection Q (isa/video/cpu)

[Micha Feigin]
> I have a ati rage mobility M1 AGPx2 card (mach64). X recognizes it as
> 8M ram and the specs say that its 8M but lspci and lshw detect it as
> 16M.  Any idea which is getting it wrong and why?

It wouldn't surprise me for a PCI (or AGP) chip to request a memory
window of 16MB regardless of what is actually onboard.  So I'd believe
X, not lspci.

> The specs claim its 1.33 Mhz, lshw and dmi-decode claim it runs at
> 1.3 Mhz but can run at 1.4 Mhz, /proc/cpuinfo says it runs at 1300.
> Is it possible to run it at 1.4 Mhz and how (there is now option in
> the bios to play with it as far as I can tell).

You mean GHz.  /proc/cpuinfo should report its current speed
accurately.  It might have multiple speed settings, in which case what
you want is a kernel compiled with 'cpufreq' support - or possibly just
with ACPI, including the CPU sub-module.  Then you'll need a userspace
application to control this.  "apt-cache search cpufreq" turns up three
packages in Debian unstable that claim to do this sort of thing - take
your pick.

> It seems that my laptop has an isa bridge although it doesn't look
> like anything is connected to it.

I'm guessing that's for your 16-bit PCMCIA interface, along with your
PS/2 ports (built-in keyboard and whatever-mouse-replacement), plus
your serial, parallel and IrDA (infrared) ports, if present.


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