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Re: HOWTO - Speed up IDE HD's

On Sun, Feb 08, 2004 at 12:07:26AM +0000, Svens wrote:
> hi, here is a vary short HOWTO about speed up IDE Harddisks:
> open file /etc/init.d/hwtools and insert this lines:
> if command -v hdparm >/dev/null 2>&1; then
> # insert begin
>    hdparm -c3 -d1 -D1 -k1 -u -X68 /dev/hda
> # insert end
>    true
> fi
> Parameters are:
> -c3 <- use 32bit I/O with write sync
> -d1 <- using dma on
> -D1 <- on-drive defect managment on (hd firmware)
> -k1 <- keep dmu settings over reset on
> -u1 <- umask on
> -X68 <- 64(UltraDMA) + 4(UltraDMA mode 4); 
> good luck  

Yeah - you might need it...

hdparm -i /dev/hd<x> is the first thing to do - this will
tell you what the drive can actually support.

Then, check your BIOS to see what the motherboard can support.

Then, man hdparm and read all the details about why -X68 is
extremely risky.

*Then* you're ready to work out an hdparm line.

Mark Kent

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