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Re: Root Password recovery

Quartenoud Francois wrote:

Hi, I have change the root password on a Debian 3.0. I make a mistake during
 the typing, I cannot retrieve the password.
I try to reboot with typing "linux single" on Lilo, but the system ask the
 root password.
 I try to type "linux init=/bin/sh" on lilo without success.

How are you not having success? This should drop you into a shell prompt, from where you can then mount the / partition and edit /etc/shadow. You might want to try /bin/bash instead of /bin/sh.

What can I do? Is there a way to pass thrue? Boot on specific disk or
 exploit some bugs (if any).
If you have a Debian installation CD, or a Knoppix/Mepis/etc CD, you can boot off of that, mount the / partition and edit /etc/shadow.


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