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Re: gcc & the kernel, supermount (?)

On Mon, Feb 02, 2004 at 07:16:19PM -0500, Michael Bonert said
> I have a couple of newbie-ish questions.
> (1) How does one set the compiler when compiling the (linux) kernel?
> I had the impression it was just a few settings in 'Makefile' and that it
> just entails changing the following:
> --- (Makefile)
> HOSTCC 		= gcc
> HOSTCXX		= g++
> ---
> to
> ---
> HOSTCC 		= gcc-2.95
> HOSTCXX		= g++-2.95
> ---

Change the CC variables, too.  But why are you doing this at all? 2.4.24
should compile fine with gcc 3.3.3, and all previous 2.4 kernels have
critical security flaws.

> Beyond that I tried aliasing--both didn't do anything (it compiled 
> with gcc 3.3.3).  About the only thing I didn't do was remove the more
> recent version of gcc.

If the first gcc in your path points to gcc-2.95, then that's what will
be used.  It will appear in the make output as "gcc", of course.

> ASIDE - What sort of problems arise if one compiles the kernel with gcc
> (3.3.3) versus gcc-2.95 (the one Linus recommends)?

2.4.24 should work fine, there were problems up to about 2.4.22 or so.

> Seems as if fakeroot (what I use to compile) does something funny...

Could you elaborate?

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