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gcc & the kernel, supermount (?)

I have a couple of newbie-ish questions.

(1) How does one set the compiler when compiling the (linux) kernel?

I had the impression it was just a few settings in 'Makefile' and that it
just entails changing the following:

--- (Makefile)
HOSTCC 		= gcc
HOSTCXX		= g++

HOSTCC 		= gcc-2.95
HOSTCXX		= g++-2.95

Beyond that I tried aliasing--both didn't do anything (it compiled 
with gcc 3.3.3).  About the only thing I didn't do was remove the more
recent version of gcc.

ASIDE - What sort of problems arise if one compiles the kernel with gcc
(3.3.3) versus gcc-2.95 (the one Linus recommends)?

Seems as if fakeroot (what I use to compile) does something funny...

(2) Is there a supermount patch for the 2.6 series kernel?
(I noticed there is a patch for the 2.4 kernel series.)

If I haven't missed it... are there plans to put it into 
the debian patches (for the kernel-source-2.6.0 package)?

(Call me Micro$oft corrupted... but it seems like a useful feature and I
can't help think mounting CDs and floppys is pretty silly if the computer
can doing it automagically.)


-- System Information --
Debian Release: 'Sid'
Kernel: Linux version 2.6.0 (root@stokes) (gcc version 3.3.3 20031229
(prerelease) (Debian)) #1 Sun Feb 1 00:34:27 EST 2004
Desktop Env.: KDE 3.1.2

Athlon 2200 XP
ASUS A7N8X Motherboard
ASUS V8420 - NVIDIA GeForce 4
512 MB RAM

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