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Re: Multi-head (non-Xinerama) window managers

Ramin Motakef <ramin <at> motakef.de> writes:

> > The short story, for those who don't want to read my ramblings and
> > eexperiences: if you are using a window manager in a dual/multi-head
> > configuration without Xinerama, and you are happy with it, please
> > let me know which one you use and possibly share your configuration

If you want to customize every aspect of your WM, I'd suggest FVWM2
(www.fvwm.org). It predates most other WMs, but is still in active development,
and supports Xinerama. Have a look at the desktop screenshots on the website and
you'll see just how tweakable it is.  

Good luck
--M. Kirchhoff

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