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Corrupt keymapping after a failed upgrade to XFree 4.3.0


I tried to upgrade to 4.3.0 through debian experimental. I failed, 
however, and immediately downgraded to unstable.

After the downgrade the keymapping is slightly incorrect in X, but
works as usual in the console. Most keys work correctly in X though, 
also the norwegian letters "æøå", but keys connected to "AltGr" does 
not. On a norwegian keyboard this means the important @,$, and ~. 

A "xmodmap -pke" shows me that these letters are simply not mapped
anywhere. This also holds for AltGr. 

I have solved the problem by setting up my own .xmodmaprc file,
but would like to get some more insight into the underlying problem.

I don't see any warnings or error messages in the XFree log file.

Any suggestions?


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