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AW: Using exim director with LDAP

Brian Rosenberger wrote:

> ldapuser:
>   driver = smartuser
>   local_parts = ${lookup
> ldap{ldap://xxxx.xx:389/ou=SMTP%20Service,ou=Mailaccounts,dc=brutex,dc=n
> et?(mail=${local_part}@${domain})}{${local_part}}}
>   home_directory = ${lookup
> ldap{ldap://xxxx.xx:389/ou=SMTP%20Service,ou=Mailaccounts,dc=brutex,dc=n
> et?homeDirectory?(mail=${local_part}@${domain}}}{${value}}fail}
>   transport = my_local_delivery
> I suppose the ldap search string is wrong. However, the LDAP log says,
> there is something going on.

I think so too. Seems the scope parameter is missing.

Something like this??

 > et?sub?homeDirectory?(mail=${local_part}@${domain}}}{${value}}fail}
- Sandip

I did this, the error is the same.
BTW, I tried to post to exim-users@exim.org, but my posting isn?t send to
the list nor do I get an error message. What?s the trick?


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