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Re: Mobo with fan controls

Christian Schnobrich wrote:


Paul (was it Paul?) made an important statement: maintain a positive air
pressure in the case. That's my (current, and working) approach: have a
set of fans gather their air through a filter and blow it into the
There's a few hints and tips I'd gladly pass on if you're interested;
however, given the work involved, water cooling might be considered as

I got to tell you, great info. from you guys! It opened up another(?) world for me. So, living in a small town in Mexico I got real problems with heat and dust. So thinking about Christian's statement of "a set of fans", can you modify your case to accomodate those fans? I have what I thought of 2 years back as a great case, but I find no obvious place for case fans to buildup that positive pressure, because *that* would keep out the dust and cool at the same time.


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