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Re: Screen fonts in X

On Fri, 30 Jan 2004, Joris Huizer wrote:

> G. Crimp wrote:
> >
> > 	- dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig in order to allow bitmapped fonts,
> > but the command complained it didn't know what fontconfig was (neither do
> > I, but that was the suggestion in one of the threads;
> >
> Hello,
> Just a small note - I think this `dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig` failed
> because you don't have fontconfig installed; If a site told you you
> should (re)configure fontconfig, try

I don't have the package on my CD.  Might download it.  But first maybe I
should explain that I am not looking for the latest greatest whizbang gui.
I run neither kde nor gnome.  I'm using wmaker.  I just want to be able
easily to read menus, title bars, screen output.    Until this release
I have never had trouble doing so.  Anyone know how I can get back to some
simple readable fonts (don't need TrueType, etc).

Anyone know if installing xfonts-pex will help (that will have to a
download to floppy and carry home).

Secondary question.  In more than one place I have read that in v4 of X,
font serving is integrated, so a font server is not necessary unless one
wishes to make fonts available off thte workstation.  Anyone know why
x-window-system seems to depend on xfs, in that case ?  I tried to
uninstall xfs in my attempts to solve my font pb.


G, Crimp

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