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Re: Windows and Printing Systems

On Sat, Jan 31, 2004 at 04:56:32AM -0600, Kent West wrote:
> Marius Amado Alves wrote:
> >* Printing/CUPS *
> >I managed to install cupsys via apt-get and added a printer with the web
> >interface, but this printer does not show up in the print dialog of the
> >applications. It's an HP DeskJet on the parallell port. What am I 
> >missing?
> [Rant]
> I'd love to help you, but printing on Linux is _still_ a black art. I've 
> been using Debian exclusively on my boxes for about four years now, and 
> I generally just avoid printing if I can. Of course everyone's going to 
> come back on this comment and say "Use CUPS! It's ultra easy!" or "You 
> did replace the obsolete lpr with lprng, right?" and such, but then you 
> still have to tell Mozilla to print to "qtcups" or to "lpr -PmyPrinter 
> --use-secret-incantation" and configure OpenOffice.org (somehow . . .) 
> and, and, and, and it's just black magic as far as I can tell. And I'm 
> not a stupid person. So the short answer is, "Good luck!"
> [/End_of_Rant]

I install cupsys-bsd, and in the "Print Command" dialog box of any
application I'm printing from I enter "lp". I haven't used
OpenOffice.org, but this works for everything else I've tried,
including mozilla.


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