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Re: Isolationism is history.

Colin Watson wrote:
> > You can probably read the Windows code by looking at the Windows CE.NET
> > source which is freely available.  It's a fork.  You can get a flavor of
> > it.  If you try real hard, you can probably via a University take a look
> > at the source -- Microsoft is handing out read-access grudgingly.  Work
> > within the system and you can accomplish that goal.
> But be very careful about doing that; you may well end up "tainted" if
> you sign source licence agreements, and writing free software thereafter
> could be difficult.
There's also the problem, that if you do craft anything truely useful,
Microsoft lawyers will take it away from you. Has a programmer ever won
a case against Microsoft? I've read more cases of programmers screwed
within the system they tried to work within. But I dunno, never tried

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