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Re: recompilation and optimalization

On Thu, 29 Jan 2004 12:10:00 -0700
"Monique Y. Herman" <spam@bounceswoosh.org> wrote:

> This may be heresy, but, if you want to compile and optimize all of your
> packages, maybe you should look into the gentoo distribution instead of
> debian?
> I've never used it, but from what I understand, its big draw is that you
> compile everything you use.

Yes, Gentoo has great tool, portage which can build and install packages with your onw configuration. But I don't want Gentoo. I'm only wondering if is it a simple way to recompile some of the packages with optimalization. Believe or not, but it's a big difference, especially for X applications (I already recompiled many applications and test it on my computers). Faster start, less memory used. Other distributions often have packages for e.g i386/i586 or even i686. Why not try to do this with Debian? But sometimes it's hard (very hard) to pass flags to compiler.
If anyone is interested in optimalized packages, I can make a repository. Just let me know.

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