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Re: recompilation and optimalization

On 2004-01-29, David Z Maze penned:
> Karol Czachorowski <narel@fantastyka.net> writes:
>> Is there any way I could recompile existing packages in my system?
>> apt-build has no documentation and seems not to work...
> You might look through some of the generic Debian developer
> documentation...
>> And if I use apt-get source and build manually, in many packages, I
>> can't add optimalization flags to gcc/g++ (CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS aren't
>> pass to compiler). Is there any (universal) way to pass flags to
>> compiler while building debian packages?
> No, there isn't.  You can edit debian/rules in each source package by
> hand, or possibly build using something like pentium-builder.
> Historically, though, Debian's position has generally been that
> processor-specific optimizations would add a lot of space to the
> archive and take up developer time, at very minimal performance gain
> for most users.  There are exceptions, and things like crypto
> libraries and linear algebra packages *do* have optimized versions (I
> have a couple of files in /usr/lib/i686/cmov, for example).  Search
> the list archives of debian-user and debian-devel for more
> information.

This may be heresy, but, if you want to compile and optimize all of your
packages, maybe you should look into the gentoo distribution instead of

I've never used it, but from what I understand, its big draw is that you
compile everything you use.


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