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Re: Sendmail vs Exim vs Others

On 29 Jan 2004, "Lucas Albers" <albersl@cs.montana.edu> wrote in
> I am not sure why you need to upgrade postfix to a newer version
> from stable? What new wizbang items does it do?

I'm sure there is a "proper" directory to do this in, but I normally
make a subdir in /tmp. 

edit /etc/apt/sources.list so that your deb-src lines say unstable
instead of stable 
  apt-get update
  apt-get build-dep postfix 
  apt-get -b source postfix

If everything goes well, you will have bunch of files like
postfix_2.0.18-1_i386.deb.  Pick the ones you are already using
under 1.0 (it should be pretty obvious if you are using
mypostfix_2.0.18-1_i386.debsql etc) and install them like this: 
  dpkg -i 

Couldn't be much easier.  I can't believe I stuck with Redhat for so

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