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Re: music maker

On January 29, 2004 06:05 am, Stephen Turner wrote:

> Hi R.J.P,
> Ok. thanks. but i install the unrar. tried unrar eaqpats12_fullxyz, but
> i get a huge list of options. i tried -e -y but i keep getting the list
> of options. This being the first i have even heard of unrar, what should
> i do next?

Read the man page!! From "man unrar"

After  the  program name comes a command and then optional switches
with dashes before them.  A summary of commands is included  below.
For a complete description, run unrar without options.

therefore the command would be:

unrar e -y whatever.rar

the "e" being a command, the "-y" is a switch. It looks like whatever you 
downloaded "eaqpats12_fullxyz" with might have stripped the ".rar" extension.
You might have to tack it back on.


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