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Re: music maker

On January 28, 2004 09:12 am, Stephen Turner wrote:

> Hi R.J.P,
> I got the message:-
> midia.cfg no such file or directory
> timidity can't read any configuration file
> pleae check /etc/timidity.cfg
> I have alsa installed. I shall read the noteedit website in the
> meantime.

It seems that in testing/unstable the timidity-patches are missing, perhaps 
there was some licencing issue.

I installed timidity a long time ago -- probably on Ham. At that time the 
patches that came with timidity weren't very good so I installed the 
"eawpats" myself. They are available here 


You will need to "unrar" them (apt-get install unrar)

I placed them in /usr/share/timidity/eawpats/

my timidity.cfg file looks as follows

# start
dir /usr/share/timidity/eawpats/
source gravis.cfg
source gsdrums.cfg
source gssfx.cfg
source xgmap2.cfg
# end

That should get you running :)


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